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update: On July 17, Ola Electric announced that it had exceeded 100,000 electric scooter reservations in just 24 hours after the purchase order was opened.

The launch of the Ora Electric Scooter is not far away now.Ola Electric is currently in operation as the company’s production facility is set to go live soon. Open reservation The first electric scooter rumored to have been named the Ora Series S. To make it easier for future buyers to book scooters, Ora Electric has set the booking amount to just 499 rupees. Many people could not book due to the influx of traffic. I’ll complete the booking once it’s started, but Ola is currently fixing the issue. If you want to get your Ola Series S, book now by following the steps below.

Reserving Ora Electric Scooter: Followed steps to reserve Ora Series S

1.1. Log on to and[Reserve for Rs499]Click / tap the button.
2.2. Enter your mobile number, check the capture confirmation box,[次へ]Click / tap.
3.3. Enter the OTP you received with your mobile number and[次へ]Click / tap.
4.4. A new dialog box titled “Total Payable – Rs 499” shows three payment options: debit / credit card, UPI, and online banking.
5.5. Select the desired payment option to redirect to the payment gateway.
6.6. Upon successful payment, the customer will receive the order ID and other details in the mobile number and email address provided via SMS or email.

Ora Electric Scooter Booking: Refund and Order Forwarding Details

If you change your mind after booking, you can cancel your order. The reservation amount will be fully refunded and will be returned to your original payment method within 7-10 business days.

If the buyer wishes, they can also send an email to [email protected] to forward the reservation to someone else.

Ora electric scooter variations, colors, specifications, charging

The Ola electric scooter will be available in three versions: the Ola Series S, the Ola S1, and the beyond-range Ola S1 Pro. Color options will include Matte Black, Matte Pink, Matte Sky Blue and more. The purchaser will be given provisions to choose the color and variation of the Olae-scooter at a later stage. Ora Electric also says that scooters can be charged using standard 5A sockets or at one of the “hypercharged” charging stations that currently operate in over 100 cities and ultimately cover over 400 cities. I made it clear.

Ora electric scooters are said to have best-in-class acceleration and distance numbers. Image: Ola Electric / Tech2

Ora Electric has previously stated that electric scooters offer best-in-class acceleration. At this point, it’s unclear which scooters Ora considers to be rivals, but from a perspective, the fastest electric scooter currently on the market in India, the Ather 450X, is 0-40 km / in 3.3 seconds. Travel at h, 0-60 km / h. In 6.5 seconds. On the other hand, the low spec Ather 450 Plus can run 0-40 kph in 3.9 seconds and 0-60 kph in 8.29 seconds.

The Ora electric scooter also claims to have the largest underseat storage space in its category, accommodating two half-face helmets. The certification range for Ora electric scooters is expected to exceed 100 kilometers.

The Ora electric scooter operates on 12 inch black alloy wheels. Its design avoids dramatic prosperity and complex surface finishes and maintains a clean and easy-to-understand look. The twin LED headlights are secured with DRL rings and the apron incorporates a slim turn indicator. Ora’s electric scooters feature a telescopic front suspension on one side, a horizontally mounted rear shock absorber, and slotted front and rear disc brakes. The pillion foot pegs fold snugly into the scooter’s bodywork, and the ora electric scooter at the back features a thick pillion grab handle and clear lens taillights.

The Ora electric scooter can store two half-face helmets in the storage bay under the seat.Image: Ora Electric

The Ora electric scooter can store two half-face helmets in the storage bay under the seat.Image: Ora Electric

Ola doesn’t share details at this time, but the electric scooter could have a 7.0-inch TFT color display running the Android operating system and with navigation, on-board diagnostics, and other infotainment features. There is sex.

Ola Electric began construction of a mega EV manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu in February. The plant, which has almost completed Phase 1, is the world’s largest motorcycle production facility, covering a total of 500 acres of land. Ora Electric says it will install a total of 3,000 AI-powered robots on site.

Ora's electric scooter is just around the corner.Image: Ora Electric

Ora’s electric scooter is just around the corner.Image: Ora Electric

Ora’s facility has an annual production capacity of 2 million units as of July and will increase to 10 million units by 2022. At that point, Ora Electric predicts that it will produce new motorcycles every two seconds from the production of 10 units. line. Ultimately, Ora Electric is also aiming to produce electric four-wheeled vehicles, which it plans to export to other markets.